FIFA 14 World Cup Conservative Pundit Writes America’s National Pastime

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter Fut 14 Coins is obviously not a fan of soccer. While the rest of the country is celebrating Team USA’s advancing to the next round of the FIFA 2014 World Cup, Coulter is calling this growing interest in the world’s most popular sport a sign of “moral decay.

Despite losing the match to Germany yesterday, Team USA advanced to the Round of 16 in Brazil, prompting more Americans to get hooked on soccer because of national pride in the team’s success. Coulter said the sport is destroying the United States of America.

Coulter wrote her opinion Wednesday in a syndicated column: “America’s Favorite National Pastime: Hating Soccer.” She started by describing how she had held herself back from writing about soccer so she would not offend anyone. She then laid out her nine-point explanation of how soccer can be a sign of moral decay. In that column, she argues that Americans are watching the game only because of the 1965 immigration law Sen. Ted Kennedy championed. Her musings about the popular sport sum up everything that, according to her, is wrong with modern America.

The 52-year-old journalist also said soccer is not a real sport, challenging the sport’s mechanics and system of play. She said true sports require individual achievement and either major injury or personal humiliation. According to her, soccer is just a game where everyone runs up and down the field, the ball accidentally goes in every once in a while, and everyone celebrates. It’s a liberal sport, she added, where there are no standouts and no MVPs.

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Legend Will Happen In XBOX Player

Ultimate Team is the most favorite one FIFA game mode among today’s popular games, last year FIFA 14 was added to the lineup of new chemical reaction systems and customizes the system to this model for a new height, but for players who may buy fifa coins ps4or ps3 to play this game at the platform of PC and PS, it still cannot be considered good news.


Recently, EA SPORTS has officially confirmed that FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, the legendary players will continue to be the exclusive XBOX platform. FIFA 15 will be available on September 23, 2014, landing PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One platform.


FIFA 15 is the newest member of the family of EA Sports; EA Sports recently announced the FIFA 15 release date. The game will be landed in North America on September 23, landing England on 26th. FIFA 15 compared to the FIFA 14, it will have better physical collisions and screen. Players will have emotional performance with fifa 15 coins, at the same time the audience and the players will be more rich detail.


What’s more, FIFA 15 needs high PC version configuration requirements, low-profile players, I am afraid, may do not have the opportunity to enjoy this game, no matter you own how many fifa coins. FIFA 15 will be landing PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and PS4 platform. But PSV, Wii, 3DS will also have peripheral works, so this is basically made similar to the one before.


These days, Amazon, GAME and other online retailers have successively on the line for FIFA 15 product page, display the current (not final) poster, “the ultimate team Legend” mode will continue to be landed the exclusive Xbox 360 and Xbox One two platforms.


In the ultimate team Legend mode, the player can choose to past legend and popular players in if they want to build a common lineup. In FIFA 14, the emergence of Ruud Gullit, Bergkamp, ​​Pele, Romario, Luis Figo, Patrick Vieira, Gary Lineker and fans familiar names such as Pavel Nedved. In FIFA 15, what will be the biggest names to join? Let us look forward to!

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EA Management Discusses Q1 2014 Results

EA Management Discusses Q1 2014 Results

Sean P. McGowan Needham Company, LLC, Research DivisionWelcome, and thank you for standing by. [ Instructions] Today’s conference is being recorded. If you have any objections, you may disconnect at this time. Now I’d like to turn the meeting over to Mr. Rob Sison, Vice President of Investor Relations. Thank you. You may begin.

Thank you. Welcome to EA’s fiscal 2014 first quarter earnings call. With me on the call today are Larry Probst, our Executive Chairman; Blake Jorgensen, our CFO; and Peter Moore, our COO. Frank Gibeau, our President of Labels, will be joining us for the Q portion of the call. In addition, we have posted earnings slides to accompany our prepared remarks. Lastly, after the call, we will post our prepared remarks, an audio replay of this call and a transcript.

This presentation and our comments include forward looking statements regarding future events and the future financial performance of the company. Actual events and results may differ materially from our expectations. We refer you to our most recent Form 10 K for a discussion of risks that could cause actual results to differ materially from those discussed today. Electronic Arts makes these statements as of July 23, 2013, and disclaims any duty to update them.

During this call, unless otherwise stated, the financial metrics will be presented on a non GAAP basis. Our earnings release and the earnings slides provide a reconciliation of our GAAP to non GAAP measures. These non GAAP measures are not intended to be considered in isolation from, as a substitute for, or superior to our GAAP results. We encourage investors to consider all measures before making an investment decision. All comparisons made in the course of this call are against the same period in the prior year unless otherwise stated.

Now, I’ll turn the call over to Larry.

Thank you, Rob. Our performance in the first quarter reflects an important trend we have identified in the past year. Digital revenue from strong brands projected across multiple platforms has become a major component of our business.

In Q1, 76% of our non GAAP revenue was digital, driven by the online services of blockbuster franchises like Battlefield and FIFA, as well as our strong mobile portfolio.

Blake will provide more detail on our financials, but EA has delivered revenue and EPS above our guidance. We did this through a combination of stronger than expected digital revenue and cost controls. Our results also reflect the phasing of expenses out of Q1 into future quarters. We realize this is just one quarter and there is a lot of work in front of us, but we think this is a solid step toward our ambitious goal of holding expenses flat in a console transition year.

As you know, I am serving an interim role as Executive Chairman, while the Board of Directors searches for a new CEO. In this capacity, I have identified 3 priorities on which I can update you today:

First, we are managing the business with continued focus on our upcoming product launches and disciplined cost controls to generate growth on both the top and bottom line.

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best team in fifa 10 is chelsea

best team in fifa 10 is chelsea

Chelsea is the Best team in Fifa 10I have written two other Best Team in Fifa 10 articles to explain who I believe are the best teams, the previous two were, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Now it is time to give Chelsea the respect the have earned as being a premier contender for the best team in Fifa soccer 10.

At first glance Chelsea get’s overlooked compared to the big name Spanish teams Real Madrid and Barcelona because they are fierce rivals and both play in the same league. That combined with the 2009 2010 off season spending from each squad and player acquisitions put all the focus on those two teams over Chelsea.

Not only is Chelsea the obvious favorite in the English Premier League with the fall of Manchester United, but they will also be a contender for top professional soccer team in the world. They are a strong squad not because they have the big hundred million dollar players neccessarily, but because they play a very effective style and have talent at every position.

This is a huge advantage in Fifa 10 over Fifa 09. Fifa 09 was more about raw talent and speed, whereas Fifa 10 incorporates more team play, and overall balance. This makes Fifa 10 more realistic and gives Chelsea a top spot on the best teams in the game.

Chelsea is strong at defense, midfield, and strikers. With strong leaders in each section of the field, they are threat to each opponent as they move swiftly as a unit. In the defense Chelsea features John Terry and Carvailo, two of the best defenders in the world, and a speedy wing back, Cole, making there defense hard to penetrate.

In the midfield, Chelsea fans can make a strong argument that they have the best midfield in the world, and in Fifa 10. They are balanced between strength, speed and skill. Chelsea’s starting midfield features, Frank Lampard (Cover of Fifa 10), one of the best scoring midfielders in soccer, Essien as a strong defensive midfield presence, and Malouda and Deco on the wing midfield slots (or Ballak) according to preference. Each of these midfielders is world class, making the entire midfield solid.

At Striker Chelsea continues to not show any weakness. Drogba and Anelka can be considered one of the most dominant tandems in soccer today at striker. With Drogba you have a skilled, strong, very consistent striker, and Anelka offers a very quick, skilled and scoring striker. Both strikes are gifted at finding the back of the net, and they have good chemistry when working together.

Overall Chelsea has a great player at every single position. They also feature a bench that can come into the game without any letdown. Chelsea has one of the best goalies in the game, in Cech, and they also have a threat on all free kicks with Frank Lampard and Drogba.

It is hard to argue that Chelsea is not the best team in Fifa 10. Please comment below on your thoughts, and your favorite / best team in Fifa 10 pick.

Fifa 10 is now outdated as the new Fifa 11 has came out. I just did a Fifa 11 review hub so come check it out and let me know what you think there!

The Best team each year of FIFA changes and in FIFA 12 we have a new best team. Real Madrid Best Fifa 12 Team . Please leave your comments if you agree or disagree.

Fifa 12 ultimate team is about to be introduced as 11 comes to a close. Get the latest FIFA 12 Ultimate team predictions here

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Craig 4 years ago

Cannavaro aint no Chelsea defender, you mean Carvalho. And wing defender isn’t a real term, he’s a full back, left back or wing back.

EviL PampeR 4 years ago

Have to agree with Craig, I did notice the “cannavaro” mistake as well. Deco and malouda are not the best choices for your left and right midfielder in my opinion. I would obt for zhirkov and joe cole. This post was borrowed from a friend and I did not do a good enough job editing it. thank you!

Dunc 4 years ago

I’ve played numerous games with Real against Chelsea, and I have to say Chelsea’s strikers are stronger than Real’s CB’s (and FBs for that matter). They win more 50:50′s, and have the pace as well.

Meanwhile, only Ruud Van Nistelrooy has enough strength to outpower Chelsea’s CB’s SOME of the time, and then you’re screwed for pace when Ashley Cole chases him down.

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